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What We Do

The Wellness Tribe is a free online mental wellness community, with an information library.  We provide a safe and welcome space for members to connect with each other, learn simple tools and techniques and discover resources that can assist in the transformation of your stress, anxiety and / or depression.  We believe that the path to mental wellness begins with each individual taking responsibility for themselves, but it can be a tremendous help to know that you are not alone.

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WHAT Makes US different

We believe that “there is a power that resides inside each one of us that has the ability to transform the blueprint of our mental health”. 

We know how to guide individuals to access this power within them, so they can transform their mental health into wellness.

Unlike many conventional approaches to mental health, we think it is time to get rid of labels such as ‘mental illness’ or “disorders’.  

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Transforming the lives of individuals,

families and communities.

Healthy Minds

Healthy Minds is a grassroots nonprofit initiative dedicated to the promotion of evidence-based integrative resources that can assist in the recovery and transformation of stress, anxiety and depression.


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